Dining Room Update & Weekend Fun

It has been a work in progress for a while now, but we are happy to report that the front living room & dining room have finally been painted!! Farewell, tan walls! I will not miss you! I am obsessed with the difference the grey makes (the color is called Simple White by SW) & can’t wait to finish the room! I bought that Caroline Wright canvas a few years ago & have always wanted to design the room around it, it has just taken much longer than expected. I am thinking instead of the mirror on the wall, which was too bulky for that space, that I will hang a long photo ledge & put some artwork and a smaller mirror in it’s place. What do you think? I do love how a mirror opens up the room & brings in lots of additional light, but this was definitely not the right one.

We are in the middle of a light fixture DIY that I hope to have finished tomorrow & can’t wait to share pics when we hang it!!

We took Eloise back to the doctor, her eye was completely healed, thank God! Hopefully Edward scissor-hands will be a little more careful about eye-poking her sister from here on out.
Brandon took the day off yesterday to make up for some of his crazy work travel lately, it has been really hard on him being away from the girls & they have missed him tons. And I was so happy to have what felt like a three day weekend! We made an early morning trip to Target, always a complete circus, but the girls were loving the new cart so they were surprisingly chill while we got some groceries & picked up some birthday party supplies. In the afternoon, we took the girls to play & pick out books at the library & then met friends at our favorite BBQ place for dinner. It was insanely cold but that was not about to stop us from having our much needed family fun day! 😉

Wildest hair award goes to…

Our friends at 7A.M. Enfant sent us the most amazing stroller blanket, which I am completely obsessed with! They fit right over top of any stroller or carseat, allowing the straps to pull through openings in the back side of it & then they zip shut in the front. I can not get enough of that neon pink. Eloise was all smiles despite the freezing temps, nothing like getting a little sunshine in the middle of winter!!
Hope you all are staying warm. Happy Tuesday! XO

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  1. Love the grey walls! I also love following you and your sweet family! I will vicariously follow your posts until our life finally settles down. For now we blog about our travels and antics of dating Spandy Andy. You can check out his hilarious videos on his facebook or our blog! (Spandy Andy on social media)

    XXo- Kimmy

  2. You are the cutest pregnant person! Our whole house is tan and I've wanted to paint it all grey for 5 years now. We might bite the bullet this year. Your dining room looks great!! I love the canvas and think you could totally do a little shelf with some color and a mirror.

  3. Jessica! I love your dining room and cute pictures of the girls! Oh I would love that for my stroller! I am due July 25th!
    I am currently hosting my first giveaway about a great film on Netflix called Living on Dollar! If you want to enter you can win a free dvd signed by the director Chris and with a personal note.
    Xoxo Andrea Snow

  4. I wish we lived where it was cold enough for one of those stroller blankets! LOL We have had a few cold nights here in Palm Beach but I do love the seasons!!! Would love to see more home decor/organization from you. Love your house!!!

  5. I think it looked way better before. You basically just made it more boring and plain than it was before. Those walls are not gray…they're white. Can you see? What was the point in posting these pictures? A white room with a table cool.

  6. Hi Jessica! Your family is precious 🙂 What suburb in Atlanta do you live in? Do you love raising a family there? Any recommendations for best suburb for young families? My husband got a job in Atlanta and we have two little ones, in our upper 20's! Thanks so much!

  7. Wow! That makes the room look so much bigger!! Our living room/dining room/kitchen are all one huge space painted a really ugly color. You have inspired me to finally re-paint it all!

  8. If you don't like it why did you feel the need to post your opinion? Just keep your comments to yourself. Just because Jess is a blogger and posts about her life doesn't give people a reason to be rude to her. I'm sure you would never go into someone's home and proclaim how ugly you think something looks. Just because you can hide behind the name "anonymous" doesn't mean you should be a bully.

  9. The mirror size actually looks great for the room, I think it's the frame color that make's it look too large or heavy. Have you thought of painting the frame? You could do a metallic(gold, bronze, ect) or white and I think it would make the mirror less intrusive to the space 🙂
    Also, builder beige BE GONE.

  10. We just painted our entire downstairs in that color – LOVE IT. And that print is just perfect…I say go for a photo ledge so you can change it out over time. I hate committing to one thing! 🙂

  11. Hey Jessica.. Ive been following your blog since the beginning and its been awesome watching your family and home grow. I too live in Atlanta and hubby and I have just bought a home with plans to soon expand the family.
    Anyways, i want you to check out this site http://www.thelondonfactory.com/products/kensington-spool-bobbin-spindle-arm-chair. They have a lot of great chests for kids rooms and nurserys and beuautiful stuff all around and are based out of Atlanta. They make a lot of their product there and you can do do custom paints etc. You can pick up from their warehouse in West Midtown. Has been great for us.
    Anyways just a little ATL inside tip 😉 Best with everything.. cant wait for next blog post.

  12. Aww Miss Eloise looks so snuggly warm. I just ordered Elle the jammies Harper is wearing. Do you like crew cut jammies? I have never purchased their jammies but with them being on sale and additional 40% off I couldn't pass them up!

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