We have been experimenting with our little love bugs & their newest quest to share a bedroom. They are obsessed with each other, Eloise looks up to her big sis so much & wants to do everything Harper is doing. Harper always watches out for her & makes sure that she is happy. Except for when she is the one tormenting her, of course.
We moved Eloise’s crib into Harper’s room, but have the new crib for the new babe set up in the nursery where Eloise currently still sleeps, because Eloise is still bat shit crazy in the middle of the night & we can’t subject Harper to that madness quite yet. Observations so far, as we have just barely dipped our toes in the room sharing waters:
1. There are eighty five books/toys/blankets/things in this room but they will fight over one single thing always.
2. Harper thinks of Eloise’s crib as a jungle gym, she wants to climb in, fill it with toys & jump in it. I am positive this will happen multiple times at 2am when Harper wakes up with a bad dream that there is a “giant truck in my room!”
3. Their bedtime routine already lasts anywhere between one to two hours, and Harper will gladly drag out for another century asking for different socks, another drink of water, a trip to the bathroom, a tissue & chapstick. I imagine things will get even more carried away as they are in the room together. And Eloise starts talking.
4. I will call it a win the first time Harper gets out of bed to bring Eloise her paci that she has launched across the room & is crying for. 
5. I imagine myself creepily watching them on the video monitor as they talk to each other & make each other laugh, it’s always funny to see what your kids do when they don’t know you’re watching.
6. I already want to have slumber parties with them. 

And with that, my nap time peace & quiet has come to a screeching halt. 
Happy Hump Day, friends! XO

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  1. So excited to hear about the roomie progress! I have loved both girl's nurseries, so I have been looking forward to seeing it mixed into one girly little room. I'm sure that for every bit of crazy that there will be with the girls sharing a room, there will be twice as much sweetness happening.

  2. You are brave!! My girls are almost 3 and the other is 19 months. We debated having them share a room but decided not to since they're such different sleepers. My 3-year-old is an excellent napper / the 19-month-old isn't. Likewise, my 3-year-old still wakes multiple times in the night and my younger one sleeps through. I'm terrified I'll never sleep if I put them together!!

    But, I will say, if we had a third we would have the girls share a room! They would get used to it, just like your girls will! Plus, maybe it will actually shorted the bedtime routine since they can chat with each other instead of asking for milk / chapstick / potty / water / etc 🙂

    Best of luck!!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

    -Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  3. They are growing too fast! ? mine is same age as Eloise and I can't believe it has been almost a year since I first laid eyes on him.
    I love to creepily watch Joaquin talk to his paci or whatever you he has, so I can't even imagine how main cuter would it be to have 2 talking babes! ? adorable!

  4. Too cute! I shared a room with my sister until middle school. We had fun together!
    I am now 26 weeks along with my first baby boy! Henry Anderson Snow is due July 24!

  5. We are faced with the same thing as far as new baby coming/ siblings sharing rooms. We have 2&1/2 year old boy and a 6 month girl, each in our 2 spare rooms. Baby is due in sept. We are planning on putting baby's nursery in the hallway right outside hubby and i's room because it's semi big enough. 😉 I'm to scared to make the plunge to move new baby in with one of them!;) haha I'm so excited to see what you end up doing with your girls rooms! Love your blog and style!:) good luck momma!

  6. I love the list. When we decided to have another kiddo, our littles will share a room as well. It should be interesting to say the least. I agree that the best moments are watching your kids when they don't know that you are. We have caught my daughter doing the most hilariously naughty things because she thought she was being sneaky!


  7. Jess love this post! It cracks me up because I know exactly what your talking about. Take it from me once they are sleeping in the same room they will egg each other on like no body's business! I have to sit between the twins in their bedroom until they are fast asleep or they will pull an all-nighter! Good luck! 😉 When your back here we have got to get all these girlies together for a play date!
    P.S. Room is adorable, and we of course have the same beds, love them!

  8. "Bat shit crazy in the middle of the night-" I lost it there. Poor little girl having nightmares. That's no fun. From experience, I shared a room with my sister for about eight years. We fought, yes, but it made us so close. It will be a blessing. Good luck!

  9. I'm anxious to see how this room-sharing goes! We'll be needing to move our now 14-month old to our 2.5 year old's room as soon as baby sister arrives in 11 weeks and I am terrified! We don't have a second crib and don't plan on getting one so I'm still trying to figure out how it's all going to work ha! I forsee a lot of late nights in our near future…eek!

  10. We haven't experienced room sharing yet, but we do have some friends that have their girls sharing a room. They don't have a big bedtime routine, but they read a book, say prayers, and then let the girls talk in bed until they fall asleep. This means they typically put them to bed earlier than they actually want them to go to sleep, but the girls get quiet time with just each other and you get more of an evening with your hubby! Good luck!

  11. They're room is so cute! Do Yall ever think of putting Eloise and new baby together down the road since they'll be a little closer in age? I totally think I'm going to end up with 3 boys and it's so fun to think about room sharing ?.

  12. Not quite the same, but my youngest two are 15 months (and 7 days apart) and they have shared a room since day 1– literally, as I had a home birth with my youngest. It has really been amazing. A lot easier than I ever anticipated. The crying baby hasn't woken up the toddler and vice-versa. Maybe it would be ok if Eloise and the newborn share a room. 🙂

  13. Yep, my life. The girls aren't sharing a room… but the fighting over 1 thing amongst a gazillion, and climbing into the crib to make it a trampoline, etc. Gotta love it.

  14. So happy to have found your blog! I adore it. We bought our 2 bedroom home (very spacious 2 bedroom) 7 1/2 years ago when we had 2 children, who are a year and a half apart. We were totally done having kids, had a boy and girl, but we lied I suppose because we have since added 2 more, another boy and girl. With that being said, our 3 oldest share a room and the babe is still roomin' it up with me and papa. It is very quite spacious, but we are now experiencing the "I don't want to share a room with my sisters" thing, but we kinda have to for the moment. Once the transition happens, it will calm down and you will feel more at ease….. promise! xx ~Ashley

  15. I love watching my two on the monitor! If Harper will get Eloise's paci, maybe you'll need to add baby girl #3 to the room sharing situation sooner rather than later. Big sister Harper to the rescue, and more sleep for mom and dad! 😉

    Our Little Miracles

  16. Awe, number 5……love number 5. I was just thinking this same thing today. My son and daughter are just now starting to play together. My daughter does a lot of yelling for my son to crawl after, but then they go in her room and play!! ? So happy and scared at the same time!

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