Memorial Day Weekend

We are extending our long weekend by one more day with Brandon home from work, the best kind of Tuesday! He was in Canada for a few days & didn’t get back until late Saturday so an extra day of having him home was much needed. It was Struggle City over here without him for a few days, I have not been feeling the best but the kiddos are full of energy, thankful for water toys & milkshakes. We had a relaxing rest of the weekend, took the girls to the farmers market, the park, the fountains & had lots of fun treats. Harper & I baked our very first homemade pie, and although the blueberry filling overflowed all over the inside of the oven (rookie move!) it was delicious. I have always been intimidated by pies, but am now excited to try some new recipes! 

  Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your families. We are forever grateful to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

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  1. Harper & Eloise are always so darling! And I am right there with you, girl! – my husband has been out of town a lot lately and being 34+ weeks pregnant chasing around two toddlers (by yourself all. day. and. night.) is no easy task! Thankfully we're done with travel & long work hours for the next several months (woohoo!) which my exhausted pregnant self is SO GRATEFUL for haha!

  2. Your daughters are just so adorable! I can't believe how big Harper has gotten! I've been reading since she was just a small little baby. How lucky that Eloise allows you to put her her hair up, Sophie never lets us do that, so she often runs around looking like a maniac.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. Love those adorable, sweet girls of yours.
    I can hardly get myself ready and out the door with my 8 month old scooting all over the place, so my hat is off to you holding down the fort while your hubby was gone. You must be part wonderwoman 😉
    What kind of camera do you take your photos with? Your style is impeccable.
    Have an awesome hump-day!

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