Summer Bucket List

First things first, I wanted to thank you all for your encouraging & supportive comments on my last post. You all are so sweet & I am truly humbled by the amazing community of women that read my blog. Motherhood is incredibly tough. And fueled by our babies smiles & the grace of God, we will all survive! 🙂
Let’s get back to the fun stuff, our summer bucket list!
1. “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Live by these words!
2. Get lots of grass & sand between our toes, making memories outside is what childhood summers are all about.
3. Make a pizza on the grill.
4. Spend too many hours playing in the pool & sprinkler.
5. Backyard camping, we promised Harper we would do this one night & she is already so excited.
6. Make lots of homemade popsicles, including iced coffee ones for myself!
7. Take our zoo to the zoo!
8. Eat dinner on the screened in porch during a thunderstorm.
9. Take the girls to the botanical gardens & splash in the splash pad.
10. Visit the Food Truck Park.
11. Make it to a few more outdoor concerts.
12. Get one of my babies to nap in the hammock with me, bets on it being the newborn!
13. Go to a Braves game, preferably when the Cubs are in town! #gocubsgo
14. Find the very best homemade margarita recipe & sip them by the pool.
15. Chase down the ice cream truck a few times.
16. Soak up every single beautiful, chaotic moment of our first summer as a family of FIVE. 
And because nothing says summer like a great pair of jorts! These distressed boyfriend shorts are my newest favorite summer staple, found them at Target the other day & have been living in them since. They aren’t maternity (and certainly aren’t buttoned) but for only $20, I could not pass them up! I also had no intention of working out today but then I definitely broke a sweat trying to put on my gladiator sandals. The baby bump is officially in the way of putting on shoes so I guess we should resort to our regularly scheduled flip-flopping.
Sending sunshine & summertime vibes. XO

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  1. When you find the margarita recipe PLEASE share!! It's all I have been able to think of for weeks!! I'm not due until late October but you can bet your pants I'll be drinking a margarita under the Christmas tree this year, haha : )

  2. When I was preggo I used a hair elastic – stick it through the button hole and then wrap both ends around the button. Or when your tummy gets even bigger a rubber band might do the trick!

  3. We will totally join yall at the food truck park! We love it! Haven't been since I've had Hattie. I'm dying to take my kids to the Ferris wheel(whatever it's called), the aquarium, and king of pops! I just bought those shorts and I'm pumped about it!

  4. The Food Truck Park is the best. Don't forget that it's closed on Tuesdays…I don't know why but EVERY TIME I had a craving for FTP last summer, we went over on a Tuesday just to be like "Oh yeah, it's closed on Tuesdays". And check their website for the trucks listed because some days are better than others.

  5. You will love going to the Braves game! Definitely one of my favorite bucket list items! And I have heard that pizza on the grill is absolutely delicious!

    While I still haven't found that perfect margarita recipe, I think you might like this recipe for drunken oranges especially if you like Screwdrivers or Mimosas! They are delicious! Thinking… Rum and watermelon might also be a good mix 😉

    ps. thanks again for your email this morning!

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