Our Weekend + Brandon’s Surprise 30th

I knew I wanted to do something really big for Brandon’s 30th this year, the last few weeks (or months really) have been so crazy for us, between his work schedule, preparing for the baby & of course now with Claire’s arrival. So! I rounded up a few of his best friends from college, high school & work, along with his dad, brother & brother-in-law, and we surprised him with a guys weekend at a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He had no idea since we technically celebrated his birthday at the Cubs game the weekend prior. He came home from work Friday afternoon & I lured him to the back patio where everyone was waiting with a beer in hand, for the big SURPRISE!!!! It was perfect. Especially the over-the-top bottle popping! 😉

I ordered these camping koozies to give everyone as a little souvenir from the trip, they were so fun!  My best friend Whitney came along with her husband, so we had a little fun girl time while the guys were gone. We shopped with all the babies, rented movies, ate tons of good food (seriously,  golden thin oreos are life changing) & even got to sneak out for a quick pedicure & wine during nap time. Thanks, mom! The weekend was amazing, Happy birthday to the love of my life, and thank you so much to everyone who traveled all the way to Georgia & spent the weekend with us, we love you all!! 🙂

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  1. Wow! What an awesome birthday surprise! I just turned 30 a few weeks ago but had just given birth so we didn't really do anything. I had a few friends eat some cake with me and the husband bought me sushi. I think for us moms, the 40th is the one to go big!! I plan to do a trip to mexico with girlfriends or something. At least by that point our kids will be old enough to leave for a week.

    When do you turn 30? Do you have plans?

  2. Hey Jessica! I've been following for a while and…just a thought, it would be really great to hear your husband's side of things once in a while! How does he feel about your new addition, traveling, adjusting to life, what he did on his camping trip, etc. I'm sure you're not starving for content with the new baby and all, but it would be a nice change up!

    Again, just a thought!

  3. Happy 30th Birthday to Mr. Garvin.

    I honestly don't know how you do it all. I work full time and have a two year old boy and am 6 months pregnant. My son is with me at work so I am very lucky in that regard but I am so tired by the end of the day, its actually ridiculous.

    Kudos to you Mama. You make it look so effortless.

    Plus, I honestly cant believe that you just had a baby.
    You look amazing.

  4. Happy Birthday Brandon!!!
    Please may you do a review on both the baby jogger strollers you have had!!! I am really stuck on deciding between the two! xx Thanks xx

  5. Good idea per usual!! I can't wait for you to reveal the baby's nursery! we are expecting number 2 soon and I love to see other girlie ideas!

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