Claire 6 Week Update

Claire turned a whole six weeks old on Wednesday, with each new day she is looking more & more like baby Harper, which is so cool to see. Her hair seems to be thinning already, most of Harper’s hair fell out by the time she was four months & it seems like hers may follow suit. She is just over 11 lbs. and has outgrown her newborn clothes already. We are anxiously awaiting thigh rolls!! Her sleeping schedule is still pretty unpredictable, she normally goes to bed around 8 and can make it until 2(ish) before I feed her again, then she either wakes at 4 to eat or will sleep until morning when she wakes at 6:00 or so for the day. Sometimes she is up every two or three hours, and even when she is sleeping, she is all sorts of noisy. I am hoping to get her in her own room soon (and sharing the nursery soon too!). During the day, she usually takes two to three naps, but she is definitely not a cat-napper. If she isn’t swaddled & in her bassinet or swing, she is wide awake. And when she is awake, her favorite activities are as follows:
1. Eating
2. Being held until it is time to eat again
And maybe occasionally looking out the window for a maximum of three minutes while waiting to be held again. She is definitely not the easiest baby, I end up wearing her a lot in order to keep her calm. I remember people saying how the third child is usually so chill & can easily be forgotten about because they are so laid back. And maybe I took the wrong baby home from the hospital because that is certainly not the case for miss Claire. But I guess every day is a new day, so we will get there eventually!
In other news, I feel like Eloise has grown by leaps & bounds since Claire was born. Of course your older babies look so much more grown up when you bring home a newborn, but developmentally she is changing so much as well. She is learning a ton of new words, which we are really pushing for her to use instead of her favorite form of communication, the point-and-whine. Right now she loves to give “knucks” (which she calls “ducks”) and hi-fives, loves to dance & get her hair brushed. This age is so much fun!
Harper is sweeter than ever and started ballet & tap this week! It was insanely cute & I absolutely loved every second of it. She was really nervous, I was worried she was going to cry and change her mind about doing it, but she was very brave & danced her little heart out. I think seeing all of the other sweet girls in their tutus made her feel at ease! I am so excited for her & especially can’t wait for their recital in the Spring. 
Also, our first attempted grocery shopping outing this morning went like this: pack up kids, drive to starbucks, realize I forgot my wallet because I had it out of my diaper bag to pay bills, take deep breaths and curse under my breath (why don’t I have the starbucks app? and why didn’t I think of downloading it on the spot?), drive home, get wallet, say forget coffee, go to grocery store, avoid making eye contact with strangers as I quickly roll through the store with my rambunctious girl squad, leave trail of goldfish throughout store, check out, quickly try to soothe Claire with her paci as she screams her head off during checkout, realize my boob is leaking milk through my shirt because I forgot to replace the nursing pad that I took out to kill a spider Harper found (YOLO), scramble to get all kids in the car, almost forget baby wipes on the bottom of the cart (there should be an alarm or something, right?), pull out of the parking lot debating going back for that coffee, definitely don’t go back for the coffee & quit while I’m ahead. If ahead is even the right term.
And now, naptime is over. Because sometimes your neighbor just has to powerwash his fence at two in the afternoon. Happy weekend!!! XO

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  1. My baby girl is only 1.5 weeks older than Claire. I love the whine-n-point. Lol! We are adjusting to three kids as well. There are good days and days from hades.

  2. lol, I LOVE that you used your nursing pad to pick up a spider. Gives me a feeling of hope that your life isn't always perfect like the pictures show. I just finished nursing my two month old boy (baby #2) so totally relate with random feelings and must be held cry spells!

  3. She's insanely beautiful just like your other girls. I love how much they all look alike. My two don't look all that much alike although I like to think they both have a certain elfin quality 🙂 Anyway DAMN those neighbors…or anyone else that DARES interrupt naptime. Love your light heartedness through all this. I imagine having three and I get pretty scared. I am sending you heaps and heaps of love and support and encouragement these early days especially. I think you and your family are wonderful and inspiring. I hope Claire gives you many breaks this weekend. xoxo

  4. Oh man girl. You are definitely in the trenches of motherhood. Thanks for letting us in on all the crazy. It makes all of us feel beget that we're not alone. 🙂 And you know what? One day you'll all the sudden realize that your showered, your hair is brushed, your house is clean, and grocery shopping is easy, and it will be amazing. And then you'll miss the crazy. 😉 Hang in there Mama. You're doing great! ((HUGS))

  5. Our James was 6 weeks on Monday and what you describe above is exactly our life right now!! I think they same thing – where is easy going #3?! Oh well – thank goodness for carriers, and siblings who can play together (and Disney Junior…) ?

  6. I had a leaky boob in the grocery store once – and I didn't even have my baby with me! I was talking to a friend and her son and I said I had better get going. My friend's son asked why, and my friend told him I had to get home to feed my baby, and then, ON CUE, both sides letdown. Aaaand I had forgotten nursing pads. The cashier probably wondered why I was crossing my arms while putting in my PIN number.
    Hang in there – "you're doing better than you think you are". And always treat yourself to the coffee 😉

  7. Omg, Claire's little newborn legs! I love some rolls, but I think the skinny legs are even cuter sometimes, just makes them look so new and fragile. Little angels. I love that she is Harper's twin and I bet E is getting to a really fun stage it's been one of my favorites with both girls

  8. Enjoyed your grocery shopping story! I am due TOMORROW to give birth to my first – a baby girl. I really love watching your girl squad grow. It's crazy to see you handle 3 when I am nervous about handling just one haha : )

  9. My third is a couple months younger than Eloise and he was a very difficult baby the first two months. I wasn't sure we were ever going to make it and then something happened after that. He woke up around 2 months old and was a whole new child. He was the chill, easy going kid everyone had told me was coming. Now he is almost 14 months and the best baby to date. Hoping the same happens for you!!

  10. All newborns need a lot of touch. They can't see very well so it helps them feel safe and warm. Wear her unless you are feeding her as much as possible. She will sleep better and you will both zen out! As she gets older you can start doing tummy time more and more and leaving her to play more and more. We also used a dohm sound machine in our room and baby's room to cancel out little noises. Buy it (or 2). Use it. You will love it. @threadedmess threaded mess at Gmail dot com

  11. Holy crap you go girl! Claire is positively precious and just looks so snuggly and sweet! You had me literally LOL-ing at the spider story and your use of the term "girl squad". I think I am having a glimpse of my future in your posts, we want another and hope it'll be a girl in the next year or two!

  12. Thank you for making the rest of us Mama's feel normal! You are a super star don't forget it! And please chew out your neighbor for the rest of us Mama's. Our neighbor likes to rev up his bike all day and night! I think I need a babies sleeping sign!

  13. That sounds a lot like my grocery shopping trips! I have 2 boys, 3.5 and 2, and a 6 month old baby girl. My girl, God lover her!, is very colicky. Unfortunately she doesn't even like to be in a carrier so my options are to hold her in my arms or listen to her cry. I definitely have those days 'what was I thinking?!!' And I get looks when I'm out and about but it doesn't seem to bother me {as much} anymore. All those sweet moments sure outweigh those tough ones, even if it takes a few days to feel that way 😉

  14. She looks EXACTLY like Harper <3 I will say I laughed hysterically at your shopping trip! I have 4 girls 3 teenagers and a toddler so my shit shows aren't on your level but you know what they say, your going to miss it when its gone 🙂 happy weekend to you

  15. First time commenter here, but have been following your blog forever! I just had to chime in and comment about Claire with a story of my own… my middle child is named Claire and she truly made me think loooong and hard about having another because she sounds just like your Claire is. She's 3.5 now and still sort of like she was as a baby, just older and louder! Maybe the name makes them this way?? 😉 I had my 3rd girl almost 3 months ago and she is a whole other story. She really is so laid back that sometimes I forget she's there! Anyway, your girls are SO beautiful!

  16. Oh whew I feel ya! Outings wit a newborn are rough! My baby girl was a lot like Claire seems as a tiny babe. She's 10 months old now and not so needy/cuddly all the time. Just hang in there! <3

  17. This is excellent, Jessica; you are so funny. Who knew nursing pads could double as spider killers? Seriously, though, you are such an inspiration to this momma of one. Thanks for making me laugh today!

  18. Love your post today! Thanks for making me laugh during a long day at home with my two girls. They are 3 1/2 & not quite 2 and I'm very pregnant with #3. Glad to know I'm not the only who has days like this! It's the little things that get you through – seeing your sweet girl in tights & a tutu or a precious picture you take of them when they aren't screaming and crying. You are doing great & I hope I will too ?

  19. Thank you so much for your grocery store story. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I've been there before many times and at this point I feel that putting professional zookeeper on my resume is completely acceptable. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  20. Gotta love loud neighbors! My 15 month old has also mastered the point and whine, patiently waiting for words I can work with! You're all kinds of brave for conquering the grocery store solo! Here's to a minimum 2 hour overlapping nap in your near future! Enjoy your weekend and most of all your hubby help!

  21. Lol. Loved the grocery store story. Claire is gorg. All of your girls are too cute. My son acted so terrible last week at the store, I may start ordering Chinese every day lol

  22. These photos are precious. And LOL about your grocery store adventure!! Only because it's so relatable. I've definitely cried over not having my wallet at grocery check-out, so at least you remembered before that. And you most definitely need the Starbucks app (I live for those free bonus coffees). We may or may not go there so often my little guy says "Mamma get coffee!" whenever he sees the logo…

  23. Omg I die! This is like reading my own life only with two little girls (21 months and 2 months). My little one is only content if she's being held or nursing and will only fall asleep if she's in my arms and being rocked. And of course the second I get her asleep, my oldest craps her pants or is having a full blown meltdown over absolutely nothing. Deep breaths are a must around here! Love the killing of the spider with the nursing pad.

  24. I am dying about the spider and the nursing pad! And A+ for effort for the grocery run. I made my husband go to the store with me today so I don't have to do it solo tomorrow and I only have one kid! That is no easy task lady!

    Summer Ann

  25. I love reading these sweet little updates! Claire is getting so big! Soon enough you guys will find a routine that works – but for now, I love reading about you killing a spider with a nursing pad – haha. That made me laugh out loud. I'm sure its crazy chaos, but your girls are adorable. AND if you find yourself needing liquor, I FINALLY wrote up my margarita recipe. I know you've asked for good ones in the past. I made 9 and we taste tested all of them to get this just right. Worth a try.

  26. I was the third baby in my family and mom swears she was the only one who could hold me or I would cry non stop until at least 8 months! Good Luck with Claire, if she is like me she will turn out wonderful! 🙂

  27. Lawd have mercy, I'm feeling stressed out just reading this! I applaud you for taking THREE BABIES grocery shopping!! That is crazytown right there. I have a hard enough time with my two… I can't imagine doing it with three!! Hang in there, Momma! You're doing great!

  28. OH BLESS. This is cracking me up because we have all been there. Well…I only have one kid but she was never an "easy" baby either – so I feel like I've been there! When people describe their babies as "laid back" that is honestly a foreign language to me. No, I (we) were blessed with spirited ones, weren't we? 🙂

  29. So I'm thinking you should do a post on how you capture all these amazing photos, what apps you use to edit them/tweak them … iPhone vs camera … etc etc. I'm a photographer and I don't even think I can get as good of every day life photos as you although I try! haha 😉 LOVE reading your blog! xoxo

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