House Progress, Day 4.

It’s official, we closed on our new house on Friday afternoon!! We were so excited to get started, and kicked off the weekend with a bottle of champs in the back yard!

Renovations started first thing this week!

Here is the before & a few progress shots of the kitchen. The kitchen had new appliances, beautiful (although very purple) granite & a new sink/faucet installed on top of bum cabinets, which kinda stinks. The cabinets needed a lot of work & were also very dated for the look we wanted, so we opted to pull the out all together. Since almost all of this was salvageable, we knew we could not just throw it away. We got in touch with our local Wounded Warriors Project where we were able to donate our entire kitchen to their Homes for Heroes operation. They will demo an entire kitchen, make repairs to the cabinetry & install it into a home that is being given to a veteran. Probably the highlight of us owning this home so far!

The demo is now complete & the team did such an amazing job. We are now working through the electrical & plumbing issues, have some drywall work to do this week once that is fixed. Then we will make way for forty thousand hours of Ikea cabinet assembly. Here’s where the fun part comes in! We ordered custom cabinet doors from Semi-Handmade to give the kitchen a more custom look, they will arrive unfinished (wood shaker style) & we will paint them ourselves (once we decide on a color, no pressure).

Out back, we are ripping off the old deck that needed some major TLC & replacing some of the windows. There was a dated arch window above the breakfast nook that was going to need replaced but we decided to take it out all together to give it a more updated look. Today kicks off painting day for the exterior, then we will begin rebuilding the deck later this week.

I cannot wait for this outdoor space!!! It was one of the main reasons that we bought this home, I am so excited for the girls to make amazing memories out here!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!!! XO



  1. I am extremely excited to see house updates along the way… but on a completely different note…. I'm heading down in the middle of September to see NDSU (where I graduated) play Iowa! All our family is from Iowa (I currently reside in MN) but I'm wondering if you can tell me some fun things to do after the game (maybe half sober ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) or restaurant/bars to go to. I'm so excited to go to an Iowa game, I heard the tailgating is unreal. Here's to seeing the Bison kick some Hawkeye butt!

  2. This is so fun to see. We just put our home on the market and have a contract on another. The new one needs lots of updates but is at a price point that we can do what we want and need to it. Pinning away on kitchen remodels and backyard landscaping ideas! as well as sunroom fun! This will be gorgeous when its finished!

  3. This happened in the house we bought too, the investor skimped on the cabinets when they really should have been redone, but added great marble and new appliances. I love that you were able to donate the kitchen! I can't wait to see more progress!

  4. This just made me love you even more! My husband is a marine so I totally appreciate you donating to the wounded warriors! I can't wait to see all the updates you make. Good luck and happy renovating!

  5. Your kitchen remodel seems coming along nicely! I can remember when we remodeled our kitchen. The whole house was a mess and itโ€™s hard not having our appliances. We kept a microwave in the living room and ate frozen dinners until the project was completed. Though itโ€™s tough in the beginning, the final result was definitely worth the struggle.

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