Christmas Tree Farm Photos

Last weekend, we did our annual Christmas Tree Farm photos, and although our shoot was literally nine minutes long (more important things to do: feed geese & go on sleigh ride), we managed to get tons of happy smiles from the kiddos! So happy to have these year after year, it is so fun to look back on them & is such a reminder of how precious every single day is with our babies. Harper was Claire’s age the first year we did these, and I am positive that couldn’t have been more than a few months ago. So bittersweet!

My Lace Top (similar here) // Black Denim // Eloise’s Green Dress (sold out, similar here) // Harper’s Leotard // Red Tulle Skirt // Claire’s Jacket // Tulle Leggings // Red Ballet Flats
Photos by Chelsey Heidorn

I just love these people of mine, so so so much. I want to bottle these days up & keep them forever.

This afternoon we finally gathered all of our supplies to make our gingerbread house, the girls couldn’t wait one more second to do it, so we got right to work. After Eloise declared how much she LOVED the “banjo-man” house, I thought it would be fun to ask them a little bit more about Christmas and save their sweet little answers for just about ever.

What is on your Christmas list?
Harper: I asked Santa for dolls and another toy mouse. And some paint and food for my kitchen. And a blanket or something for Claire since she can’t tell Santa anything.
Eloise: Paint like Harpie. And babies and reindeer cookies.
Harper: Oh! And when I told Santa my list, he told me he had snapchat! *cue chorus of giggles from both girls*

 What is the best part about Christmas?
Harper: Christmas lights everywhere and it’s Jesus birthday!
Eloise: Jesus likes Christmas lights?!

Where does Santa live?
Harper: At the North Pole!
Eloise: In a BIG castle.

What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?
Harper: Rudolph. And Dasher, Dancer & Fancy!
Eloise: Eloise Ruby Garvin.

What do you think Santa’s favorite food is?
Harper: Candy canes & pancakes definitely.
Eloise: Tacos.

What will Santa bring mommy & daddy for Christmas?
Harper: Probably coffee and a blanket. And beef jerky for Dad.
Eloise: *can’t speak because mouth is full of marshmallows*

Also, we swear Claire said Santa and Candy Cane this week, so that was her contribution to the fun Christmas conversations to remember!





  1. This is probably the happiest thing I have read today. Just seeing those pictures made me smile from ear to ear. 🙂 And those are really fun answers. Your kids are just too cute. 😀 God bless them.

  2. Tacos. Eloise is hysterical.
    I’ve been following your blog for a few years now. I can only hope that when I have kids they are as adorable as yours!

  3. Tacos!! (insert happy tears emoji, here.) Eloise’s answers are hysterical. Side note: Have you ever read the girls the Eloise series books by Kay Thompson?
    I’ve been following your blog for a few years now. I can only hope that when I have kids they are as adorable as yours!

  4. I love how you coordinate the girls outfits but don’t put them in matching clothes!! I have a 3 1/2 year old and 21 month old twins… all girls and I need help with this! I love the idea of coordinating their outfits but I don’t really ever put the twins in the same thing. It probably doesn’t warrant a blog post but I would love some advice! Do you start with Harper and go from there or??? Mostly everything you tagged is sold out ☹️️ Krista

  5. This looks super fun and can’t wait to ask my little one these questions! We are taking our family photos this weekend at Terrain and am so excited to brunch in the greenhouse! Love your family pictures! Xoxo

  6. This made my heart smile! I’m binge reading your posts since Black Friday, we’ve been frolicking in festivities too, but now I’m able to cozy up to a napping babe and catch up on my favorite blogger.? I adore their answers and can’t wait to ask MINE these when she wakes up! Thanks for creating such a dreamy place for a mama to relate, while drinking the coffee of course!? merry Christmas to all of you!?

  7. This is SO ADORABLE! Harper’s boots and everyone’s outfits – all the heart eyes! Love the candid shots as well. I am cracking up at the girls’ responses… they are hilarious! The “Jesus likes Christmas lights?!” had me spitting my drink out! Enjoy the holidays with your sweet girls and rest of your family!

  8. Lifestyle sessions like these are my favorite! They capture what’s happening in the moment and that is far better than having every single person smiling at the camera.

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