It snowed!!! This is a pretty big deal in the south, since snow days don’t happen all that often, so we make the very most of it! Friday night just before the girls went to bed, we looked outside & saw the big, beautiful type of snowflakes coming down. It felt like Christmas Eve, we were all so excited before bed & hoping it would all stick around until morning. We woke up to mostly ice, and about two inches of snow! We came out of our room to find Eloise & Harper camped out in front of the doors in the living room so they could look at the snow, it was the cutest. We made cinnamon rolls while we waited for it to warm up a bit, and then took on the 47 minute task of getting everyone dressed to go outside. Claire was bundled up Christmas Story style, there’s nothing cuter than a baby in a snow suit! 😉

We were in and out four times throughout the day, Brandon pulled the girls around in an old sled (R.I.P. inflatable swan), they jumped on the trampoline and attempted to make snow angels in between complaining that they were too cold and asking for hot chocolate. Seeing the kids enjoy the snow almost made me miss living in the midwest, until it came time to cram uncoordinated toddler fingers into gloves and mittens for the eighteenth time, and I realize maybe we Georgia isn’t so bad after all. Totally exhausting and so much fun!!! I love snow days, hopefully we will get one more before winter is over!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend & got to enjoy a little bit of winter magic wherever you are! XO

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  1. So cute! Take some of our Buffalo snow! I’m dying to try a cinnamon roll recipe, but they seem like nightmares to make. Can you share yours?

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend in the snow! I just saw that Anthropologies has that the adorable flower quilt in your first pic on major sale. I

  3. Every time I see snow day pictures of your family, I think of the pictures of baby Harper with socks on her hands and crack up laughing. I’m glad you got to enjoy the snow day!!

  4. Love everything about this post! I live in Minnesota so we have no shortage of snow but the excitement of the first snow is magical. I’m going to be super annoying and ask what kind of espresso machine that is! I’ve been on the hunt for one and I love the look of yours.

  5. What a fun day!! It looks like you all had a blast in the snow. How do you get your girls to wear hair bows and barrettes? My 2 year old takes them off as soon as I put them on ☹️ Her hair is always in her eyes and would look so sweet with a hair clip to tie it back. Your girls are always so well accessorized!

  6. Beautiful family!!! I’ve followed you since you had Harper and I absolutely love everything you put your hand to girl your style is impeccable ???? My family and I just moved to the south from MN and learned quickly you guys don’t get many snow days! Would you mind posting which brand your espresso / coffee machine is ????

  7. I swear everywhere except where we live in Iowa is getting snow. It’s snowed like 2 times this year, enough to sled in, but it melted by the next day. No fun since my toddler is actually old enough to want to go this year!

  8. The picture with your husband is absolutely adorable! I’m a southerner for life, so I understand the excitement of snow down here 🙂

  9. Please tell me more about your espresso machine. What machine is it? Do you love it? Do you use it as much as you expected? I would love a blog post on your favorite home appliance/items.

  10. So fun! We got snow this weekend too, we only get a few inches every few years so it was so fun to play in for a couple hours! Your mittens are so perfect, where are they from? I didn’t see them on your source list.

  11. So fun! We got snow this weekend too, we only get a few inches every few years so it was so fun to play in for a couple hours! Your mittens are so perfect, where are they from? I didn’t see them on your source list.

  12. Claire being a big girl at the table is everything!! Can I ask where your espresso machine is from/brand? I have a bad Starbucks drive-thru habit I need to kick, this might help.

  13. I’m from NY and have been in GA for about 5 years and this amount of snow is perfect for my kiddos and me as well! Definitely don’t miss the never ending feet of snow! ?

  14. Jessica, would you mind posting a link to your dining chairs? someone said they were from amazon? But I’m not sure which ones. Thanks a bunch!

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