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Another season, another sister snapshot!

Popsicle Pajamas c/o Tea Collection

Harper, five years old, going on sixty. I still cannot wrap my brain around this. Is she even considered a toddler anymore? Is she a teenager now? I don’t know, but I feel like I get glimpses of both every day. I know those of you with five year olds can relate! We have never doubted for a second that this girl has a heart of gold. The older she gets, the more she shines as a big sister, taking care of Eloise & Claire in every way she can, helping Eloise write her name & making silly faces to distract Claire while I change her diapers. She is a collector of hair ties, still wears at least three tutus at once, and loves to rock a side pony. She’s an old soul, she loves to clean and always has to have a blanket so she can “rest.” She is currently obsessed with Moana, loves to dance, and making jewelry with beads. She is a day dreamer, a story teller & an artist, and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things this girl does some day.

Eloise, lighting up the room with her smile since 2014. This girl is a million miles an hour all the time, she can never sit still but always keeps us laughing. When I tell her something she doesn’t want to hear, she will just laugh at me and say “you’re joking right?” She is the strongest kid we know & we can’t wait to get her in gymnastics this Fall, she hangs from the bottom of my bed with her hands and touches her toes to her head over and over, I am so jealous of her abs! She asks for pancakes for every meal, only wants to wear pajamas, and finds any excuse to ask for a bandaid or ice pack. She is obsessed with baby dolls & watching videos of herself as a baby. She loves to put all of our old newborn clothes on her baby dolls (even though they are way too big) and insists on bringing them with us everywhere we go. She asked for a “baby” birthday party, so we are working on that. 😉

Claire, nickname Bear Claire, stealer of the snacks. She is talking up a storm, always trying to tell us stories but just can’t quite find the words yet. It’s the sweetest! She loves to bring me her toy tea cup and ask for coffee when I am drinking it, and will always sneak a sip if I am not looking. She has never really been one to play by herself, which I am sure is the result of being the third child and always having someone to play with her, so that has been a struggle for us when the big girls are in school or doing things she just isn’t old enough for. She has hardly any interest in toys, but is obsessed with books and will always bring them over and climb on my lap to read them. Other hobbies include climbing the steps and telling on herself, “Claire’s on the steps!” and taking her pajamas off in her crib when she is supposed to be sleeping. I love that she asks me to “rock you?” or “help you?” and she sticks her little arm up in her car seat when we are driving says “hold hand?” She is the most ticklish kid & still smells like a baby, which means I could just eat her up.

And because I will never fully believe how big my girls have gotten, a little throw back to last Fall’s first porch pictures after we moved in, so much has changed (other than Claire still won’t look at the camera!) but I love watching these photos evolve over time!



  1. I feel the same way about my 4 year old daughter!! She loves watching baby videos of herself too…And still wants me to rock her sometimes haha. Time flies!!

  2. Awwww I LOVE the porch pics!! What a fun yearly tradition!! My girls are the same ages as yours and it’s so fun. I am loving seeing all their personalities develop. My middle one – Maisie – sounds a lot like Eloise!! She doesn’t watch tv (ever), goes a million miles per minute, is always into everything, has the vocabulary of a teenager, and is stubborn through and through yet sweet as can be.

    Love these little updates!! Hope you have a great day!


  3. They’re adorable, Jessica!! Seriously, looking at them reminds me of me and my sisters some, we’re so different, all different hair colors, styles, etc. Love it!!

  4. I have 3 roughly the same ages (5 1/2, almost 4, and 2), but the little ones are boys. They are so similar in personalities. Emma (5) is my caring, old soul, Nate (3) is my crazy won’tstopmovingever wild child and Gus (2) will always be the “baby” who doesn’t know what to do when he’s solo. It’s so fun to watch them grow and the bond they have between each other (despite the fighting) is just amazing!

  5. If we could please have a fall sister snapshot collection going back to Harpers first fall all the way to now that would be great and my ovaries may explode. Please and thank you! ?

  6. This is so sweet! Reminds me so much of my two girls. We’re expecting our third girl this summer and I can’t wait to see what kind of little personality she’ll have. So much fun!!

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