Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It has been a struggle putting together a gift guide this year. Our kids rarely play with toys and haven’t asked for much for Christmas, they would rather be cooking in the kitchen or painting in the garage than playing with anything they have in the house. We have rounded up a few of the things to share with Santa for our 2017 gift guide this year, but also want to make note of a few things our kids have been obsessed with if you are looking for some fun activities & craft type gifts for your little ones.

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Our girls always love new pajamas, tights, slippers (exactly like mine!) and anything they can use for playing dress up. They’re super obsessed with puzzles, magnatiles and games we can play as a family. And we always wrap up a few books or fun stuffed animals, and this year a mini camera for Harper who loves to take pictures! The girls recently got these craft boxes and have spent hours playing with them, they also love these jumbo sticker books and barbie clothes for their dolls! Some of their favorite toys from past Christmases (if you’re still looking for a few things) are these play food sets (on sale!!) and these easels they still play with outside every day!!

Hope this has been helpful for you as you search for the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones, and if you have ideas that aren’t on our list, be sure to share them in the comments!! xo



  1. Aw Jess these are the cutest gift ideas! My kiddos would LOVE the Magformers – I don’t have Instagram or I would’ve commented there, {so I hope you see this comment!} but have you ever heard of Usborne books? These books are seriously so amazing and fun and interactive. My kids love them! You gotta order from a consultant but I’m hosting an online party this week – so I figured I’d let you know, I think your girls would love these books too. Our faves are the Peek Inside a Fairy Tale books, the Illustrated Stories Series (so many fun ones like fairy tales or shakespeare!), the Sticker Ballerina/Fairy books, and all the activity books! Such good quality too. Here is my shopping link – hope you are able to check it out! =)

  2. I’m curious, do they rarely play with toys because you intentionally don’t have many or they just do other things? Would love to try and pair down our toys, but don’t even know where to begin. Just curious how that happened for y’all!

  3. We are getting our daughter the polaroid camera too! She loves taking pictures and I just can’t wait to see what she captures with it! Great gift guide jess!

  4. My girls are not as into the typical toys either. But my oldest boy loves the magformers/magnatiles.
    Mostly my girls like making art projects! All the glitter. Everywhere. Lol

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