Father’s Day Gift Guide

How is it almost June?! Father’s Day is in just a few weeks & we can’t wait to shop for our number one!!! Every year Brandon helps me put together this gift guide and we have a solid line up of gift ideas fo you this year.


Goodr Sunglasses // These are Brandons all time favorite, he keeps a bunch of extra pair at the lake for friends & family in case they forget theirs. They are lightweight, no slip (awesome for boating and just general dad life), polarized AND super affordable. He has them in black, green & pink and highly recommends them as a #1 gift option!!

Valor Roll-On // Brandon starts every day by rolling this dreamy oil roller on, he wears it to the gym, as a general cologne & also as a surefire way to decompress/destress after a long day. If you haven’t grabbed some oils for your household but want to get into them, no better way to jump in than to grab a few faves for your man and you get to reap all the benefits! Shop this Father’s Day Bundle of a few of Brandon’s favorite things!

Solo Stove // One of our favorite purchases of all time, the smokeless fire pit. A pricey gift but one that will surely last a long time and be enjoyed by the whole family! Pair this with a package of hot dogs and some skewers of course!

Classic Nike Sneakers // I picked these for Brandon, I kind of love mens shoes!! He says he would prefer low tops, so also maybe something like these, but I love the classic black and white high top style. Maybe I’ll just buy the women’s ones for myself!

Backpack Cooler // This might be our most used item of the summer, year after year! We keep this at the lake and use it to haul our drinks and snacks up and down the stairs to our boat. It is amazingly durable, comfortable to wear and keeps drinks cold forever. We’ve even tied it to a paddleboard and floated it in the lake with us while we swam. You cannot go wrong with this gift!!

Magnetic Knife Block // I got this for Brandon for Christmas last year and we are both obsessed with it! If you are looking for a gift for a man who loves to cook, this is it!

Dock Shorts // Cute, casual shorts for summer for all the things. I love the length of these & they fit just right! I got them for Brandon in black but there are tons of great color options.

We’ve also added a few more of Brandon’s favorite things & everyday most used products that would make great gifts, hope you find these helpful!! Scroll to shop below!


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  1. LOVE this list, thank you for the inspiration! I personally have 2 pairs of Goodr sunglasses and love them. Also, shoe dog was one of my favorite books. This is fantastic!

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