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Happy Monday, friends! We are still in survival mode over here, we haven’t done a whole lot but we are really enjoying this time as a new family of five. I have learned a lot about motherhood this month, about patience, priorities & expectations. I have been living on iced coffee & oreos, finding a whole new meaning to mom-hair & almost forgetting what silence actually sounds like. But this sleepy little face makes it all worth it.

Our weekend was made up of sleepless nights, afternoon naps & fresh hydrangeas from our yard. A coffee run, pennies thrown & wishes made in the water fountains. Frozen pizza for dinner & breakfast outside the next morning. A little hip-hip-hooray, one month old yay! celebration for miss Claire. Mountains of laundry & a sidewalk full of chalk. Brandon’s mom’s arrival from Iowa & one “extra-messy with a cherry on top” trip to get ice cream.

Double Stroller // Cat Zip Pajamas

And a little afternoon laugh, Harper was watching a show with Brandon this weekend about frogs, and it explained that they were amphibians. Her reaction? “Frogs are phibians!? Claire is a vivian too!” Love kids & their hilarious vocabularies!

Hope you all have a great week!


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  1. We had our third baby girl (under three) the same day you welcomed Claire and we are right there with you. It's either time for coffee or time for wine.

    I wanted to tell you to check out milksnob car seat covers…they are stretchy and breathable and don't blow around…and they come in black and white stripe 🙂 I wish I would had known about them before!

  2. What handle bar console do you have for your baby jogger double stroller? I have the exact same stroller and bought a console(off brand) that doesn't quite fit as well as yours seems to! TIA ��

  3. You are amazing, lady. I hope I can keep it together half as well as you do when our third little monkey joins the circus in a matter of days. (I'm awfully excited about those newborn cuddles though!)

    You all look so perfect together as a family of 5!

  4. That comment from Harper made me giggle, kids come up with the funniest things which make the long days oh so worth it!
    Looks like you had a jam packed weekend. Nothing better than an ice cream run.

  5. That is the best family photo while getting ice cream!! Love the Harper story! Cannot believe Claire is already one month old. You'll find your rhythm soon, but I'm sure things are batshit crazy right now. Your sweet little family makes me want a million children.

  6. Love it!! Harper is such a sweet girl, can't believe how big she's getting! Your entry way is so beautiful and Claire's PJ's are so cute!! How are you liking the 4Moms bounceroo?

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